About Saayam Cheddam Foundation

SCF works to wipe out the needy dependency and strengthen them to stand Independent ...

Usually we spend our available time in making our living better... but how would it be, if we give our time in not by just seeing our surroundings but even to do our bit as a fellow HUMAN, by lending a helping hand. This thought ignited and set to create SAAYAM CHEDDAM Community in Orkut (social network website) on March 31st of 2007, with 20 likeminded members.

Saayam Cheddam's - SC's journey started with visiting orphanage and old aged homes and then supporting them and looking to their requirements. Simultaneously Saayam Cheddam had its efforts in fulfilling the needs which got to its notice [brought by members into the community]. Slowly needful activities started to flow, these good deeds made new hands to join with SC. Found more joinees, indeed getting/adding more ground to cover, resulting in finding more needy requirements to see. This made SC to tune it's proceedings in more organized and better way, by turning Saayam Cheddam to SAAYAM CHEDDAM FOUNDATION, registered in March 2009.

Saayam Cheddam Foundation, SCF - not only listens and sees the need but even tries to understand it.

Now what this mean is, it not just listen what requirement is and think how it can be reached, but it more over looks into and understands the root cause for what made it/them helpless. SC Sorts and puts efforts in filling the requirement and simultaneously route (work and guide) to get the root cause solved. From which then after their position will not expect nor wait for any external support.

SCF works to wipe out the needy dependency and strengthen them to stand self sufficient, and does this to the best possible way it can.

SAAYAM CHEDDAM provides freedom for each of its member in getting SCF to see any social need, in sharing their ideas, giving suggestions, taking initiation - being responsible and leading the team to NEEDFUL.

SCF has no external or government support. To whatever need comes, it's trying to solve them with its members and well-wishers contributions.

This is a platform for one and all that have Helping Hands with Serving Minds...

Come let's join each other in making the society we live-in better.

To reach more in finding needs, do the best in fulfillments and for better in touch, SCF has stepped to Google groups in reflection of its main frame Orkut.

Let's Live Good Today.. And Hope For A Better Tomorrow...