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We work with different homes with different reasons

There are times that an organization can..
- Take wrong steps as they might not be aware of the right
- Has good core values, but unable to deliver
- Works hard, but looses direction
- Has everything, but fails to impress / gain what they wish for
- Huge objectives, but low enough man power to operate/enhance/achieve the dreamt
- We have lot to learn from them

What we do:
- Understand home’s operations and objectives
- Fill in the gaps as to what we can
- Educate(needed), organize and self-driven

Currently working with:

  • MAATA PITARULA SEVA SADANAM: Free old age home
    * Linking page under construction.
  • KRISHNA SADAN: Free old age home
    *Linking page under construction.

Previously worked with:
  • LAHARI: Free old age home and Hostel for children.
    Tried organizing which didn't work out (of different reasons)
    Established a resource with-in: Kitchen Garden
    Click for more details
  • VIKALANGULA KALYANA VEDIKA: Free Hostel for Visually Challenged.
    *Linking page under construction

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