Every NIGHT need LIGHT

It's not about how many minutes or hours, yes we are not talking about power cuts...but about completely NIL!!. There are villages / places which have no power supply at all even today. All these families use alternate lighting sources like kerosine lamps, which are harmful in longer run.
In contradiction, other part of the country celebrates Diwali with added decorative lightings.

To give it a balance, how about to share part of our celebration to light up their houses ? ...this is how the idea has come up.

Lighting up the Dark

While this is our first step towards such initiative and very little direct ground experience, to give good understanding the need, finding better durable & suitable solar product and raise reasonable funds to fill more, we are convinced to extend(this time) deadline from Diwali to New Year / Sankranthi.

Action plan October - December 2016:
- Tean Meet
- Customized solar Lamps orders placing
- Distribution event.

What can you do:
Sponsor Solar lamps.
Each lantern costs: 1,150 INR (One Thousand One Fifty, Indian Rupees)
* this is the discounted price we got after meeting up the manufacturer

Q: Project Status
A: Ongoing. Identification drive completed on Oct 21 2016.
Sponsorship to be accounted to:
A/c No :027010100738460
Type : Saving Account
IFSC Code:UTIB0000027
Branch :Tarnaka,SEC-BAD
Note: Don't forget to write to us(saayam.cheddam@yahoo.in) about your transaction
Q: How many units to donate?
A: Directly dependent on funds raised

Q: To whom are we giving these solar lamps
A: Chenchu Tribes located inteirors of Nallamala forest, Srisailem, Telagana, India.

Q: When are we going to give the lamps
A: probably by end of 2016. Not an easy question to answer though!! big chain of communication happening, date gets finalized as per the conditions there.


- 29 Nov 2015, Solar Lamp unit Finalized: After hearing from different sources and meeting few solar making companies and vendors, finally we have come to a point of conclusion...(from a TEAM MEET)
Product details...
Manufacturer: THRIVE Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd
LED Wattage: 3 Watts
Battery: 6V, 4.5 Ah SMF
Solar Panel: 3 Watt/ 6 Volt
Warranty: 1 Yr on Light & 6 Months on Battery
MRP: 1800 INR per unit
More details...

- 19 Dec 2015, Met THRIVE Solar company: Got great discount.
Each unit which has MRP 1800 INR, we will be given for 1150 INR

- Oct 21 2016, Identification Drive:
Summary: Three of our members joined the drive to Srisailem forest. Met the concerned government authorities at PO (is a govt. wing who works on Tribals) office. We received positive response from the officials after our presentation and were given permission to visit the chenchu tribes with their known person. Visited three tribal hamlets around Appapur village/penta, amrabad mandal, located 20kms interior in the nallamalla forest and confirmed that there is no electricity, i.e. all are off-grid areas with few families using solar lights donated by other NGO's or groups under CSR activity.Interacted directly with available chenchu tribes and were glad to know that they are aware of usage of solar lights and they are looking forward for it as it benefits them in day to day activites especially during night. Currently they lit fire with tree barks in center of the hut / hamlet at night.

- November 2016, SCF Team meet scheduled

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Funds Raised as on October 2016:

3,000 INR from Kishore
500 INR from Name Undisclosed*
3,000 INR from Name Undisclosed*
1,000 INR from Avinash
6,000 INR from Juvvi Pavani
1,500 INR from V.S.Rekha
3,000 INR from Santhosh Anand
500 INR from J.Revathi
2,500 INR from M.Naveen
3,000 INR from Name undisclosed*
1,150 INR from Redsun Entertainments
1,150 INR from Kiran.H.K
15,087 INR from Chakravarthy
4,500 INR from Arvind
300 INR from Santosh
3000 INR from Nirmala Chintapatla
3000 INR from Little help group
3000 INR from MPR Charya
*Name Undisclosed as per donor's request.
Total = 54,037 INR