Livelihood Support


While at campaign drives to villages, we faced few challenges after interacting with special category of few needy people i.e. the only earning source of the entire family is under severe crisis either due to ill health, bad fate, left-alone, aged parents etc. To understand the root cause of such families, after many campaign drives and personal interaction SCF realized that only source to help was to provide livelihood as

SCF is happy in making the Needy to see Independent and living with dignity rather than depending on someone’s sympathy. Here are few such…

Support Delivered:

* Flour-Mill Store to a Rural Physically Challenged Guy

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* A Buffalo to a Rural left-alone lady (widow) with 4 daughters

Provided a Buffalo as a Livelihood Support to left-alone lady

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* A Rural girl student turns to a full time Beautician

Counselled, Guided and transformed a rural girl to stand independent and support her family.

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