From a dependent lady to an Independent Home Maker

  • June 2011 - October 2012
  • Name: Bhagyamma
  • Family: Husband expired, 4 daughters (2 are married)
  • Occupation: Maid
  • Health Issue: Vision lost for one eye while at work
  • Lives at: Left-out house by a Villager
  • Location: Chandur, Medak District, 100 Kms from Hyderabad


Bhagyamma, is the mother with 4 girl children with her husband expired 6 years back (heart stroke). Husband used to practice agriculture. This family is left with no house even, they are staying in a left alone house of one of the relative. Bhagyamma is working as maid, she usually feed her kids if any one gives her food, else she is forced to get meal cooked, which is turns hard from her earnings (as kids go to school and they will be having expenses). Adding to this, One of her eye is not working completely (while at work a piece of wood had hit in to her eyes, which made it's vision lost).

Good news for her is, she was able to get 2 girls married. Other 2 girls are, Shiva (5th standard) and Pooja (4th standard) - goes to Govt. school, Chandur. Adding this points as it may help us to understand the need sensitivity, even head master of the school help the kids in borrowing books, stationary and even exam fee is not asked. (if it's not even paid) She have come to Hyderabad before in for a work, but as she couldn't gain confidence in making her living better, she returned back again.

Sources around her requested SCF to help her financially, but as it can ’t solve her problems completely, volunteers started to read her situations then after in every visit (this is the same village SCF is supporting few student’s education and frequently campaign for real needs/motivating students). Mean while for her sustaining, sponsored her rice bag which can cover her major expenses.

Initial efforts from SCF:
Showed few opportunities where she can get salary, shelter and education for kids. But due to her personal problems, she couldn't take it.

Then after...
Understanding her situations, SCF realized that providing a livelihood at her place would be the only option that can help her and family
. In intention to provide her permanent solution, out of few thoughts, felt one idea will match her situations and will provide livelihood.
===>>> That is giving her a buffalo. <<<====

Shared and discussed with few in that village on this idea and found out this can be of good help to her. So volunteers went to the buffalo market at Jogipet and got the estimation. A reasonable healthy buffalo will be costing around Rs. 25,000/-
Click to view an album(drive pics) in which volunteers are even been to buffalo market

Update as on May 5, 2012

Our local volunteer Mallikarjun at chandur, have spread the news to all the sources, that Bhagyamma is looking for a buffalo. Sources suggested to get buffalo only after summer, at which buffaloes will be healthy and chances to get economical too. Though the search is still on.
Good point is, all the sources are aware of Bhagyamma's situation and hence they wanted to show her the best.

July 08, 2012 - Support Delivered(took almost 8 months from when we met Bhagyamma)

Details about Buffalo:
1. Delivered: 2 times
2. Cost: Rs.20,500/- (Including transportation Rs. 300/-)
3. To the heard it starts giving milk from/after August.
Bhagyamma is now the proud owner of Buffalo nicknamed as "Munni"

August 21, 2012: HURRAY !!! ........ GREAT NEWS !!! Bhagyamma's Buffalo Delivers

1. Date: August 21, 2012
2. Time: 1700 Hours IST
3. Gender: Female which is an added asset
4. Name of the baby: Puppy

Bhagyamma with new baby - Puppy

Pampering the Puppy - SCF Volunteer along with Bhagyamma

Happy Mother pampering Puppy

Few Lighter Moments

Better Hands for a Better Society...


Bhagyamma with her kids

SCF providing Ricebag to Bhagyamma

SCF volunteers at Buffalo Market