A Rural Girl turns into a Beautician

  • July 2011 - Feb 2012
  • Name: Jyothi
  • Family: 3 (Mother, Father,Jyothi. She has a brother who is married)
  • Occupation: Student drop-out
  • Issue: Very poor family. Yearly income of parents ranges from rs. 4000 to 10,000.
  • Location: Chandur, Medak District, 100 Kms from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.

About Jyothi:

Jyothi, a resident of Chandur, Medak dist, 100 kms from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. Completed 10+2. When SCF met her, she was in dilemma of her future, was unsure whether she can take up education. Except continuing her studies, she has no other choice at that moment.

Keeping in view all the situations around her, these questions raised among SCF members:
will family sustain till she finishes her graduation?
is the job guarenteed after graduating based on her qualification with Telugu medium? After discussion among members, a member suggested about a job-oriented professional livelihood which suits her too and i.e. Beautician Course. The same thing was conveyed to Jyothi, her parents and village heads. As she or none of her surroundings have any idea of what this course is all about, we explained about the course, what exactly is required from her etc.As she was ok to take the beautician course, the same was explained to her family members, local contact and village heads, to which everyone sounded positive.

Reasons for opting in Livelihood Support and opting out Education:

  • Family cannot sustain till she finishes her graduation.
  • Parents are aged.
  • No job guarenteed as already could see many village students idle even after completing their masters degree.
  • As its a village, not sure, whether Jyothi continues education, even after joining,for long term, as girls get married very soon (mostly get married in high school)
  • Already got the basic eductaion, can pursue further through correspondense if interested
  • Villagers mindset: whatever one does, everyone follows it. No awareness on diversified career opportunities which is landing them no where.

As everyone were ok for this action of getting Jyothi joined in a beautician course,the next challenging part SCF faced was, getting a village girl out from her place and accomodating in city. Fortunately, Jyothi's brother resides in the city limits (out-skirts), this solved the issue. Parallely the hunt for course details started. The criteria looked for was, no compromise in the quality of course and course fee, placement assurance, salary, provision of course certificate, duration. It almost took 5 months for this research. After all the ground work, when all the conditions met, Jyothi was joined in Beauty parlour located around 15kms from her stay point.

Course Details:

  • Parlor Name: Cuts n Colors
  • Location: JNTU, Kukatpally
  • Course Duration: ~3 Months
  • Fee: 30k (both skin and hair)
  • Certification: Jawed Habib's
  • Placements: Guarenteed
  • Expected Salary: Rs. 5000
  • Plus points to opt this parlor: personal attention by lady trainer, homely ambience, quality assurance, job guarenteed

*** Today Jyothi is a certified professional Beautician and started earning ***

Points to Note:

Jyothi achieved a celebrity status in her viallge.
Positive sign is many of the villagers who are either not keen in studies or due to financial crisis, started showing interest to know about more job-oriented courses.

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