Few months back Depressed - Today a confident owner of Flour-Mill business

  • August 2012 - April 2013
  • Name: Madhu - only source of income
  • Age: 28 years
  • Family: 6 dependents
  • Occupation: was Electrician
  • Issue: destiny envied his sincere work towards life settlement at the peak time of business flourishing by taking his right-leg away making him physically challenged.
  • Location: Chandur, Medak District, 100 Kms from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.

About Madhu:

Madhu, a resident of Chandur, Medak dist, 100 kms from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.He who knows only work and be the part of his family's source of income to whatever he can. While everyone goes to school, no change with Madhu, did the same even. But while everyone carried only books and pens/pencils, he did even carry wires/cable and tool kits. He used to work as a cable TV operator at his village from his 8th standard.

With his family support and his earning, he could complete his Intermediate. Then after, realized it's too hard and started to leave education and concentrate on work, indeed support family situations. He joined under an electrician and started to work on his instructions (daily labor). After few years such, from when he turned capable of wiring and fixing all kind of electrical ports/boards for entire house independently, he started to take his own orders i.e. from past 3 years.

He turned out to be the major source of income to his family. He and his elder brother with their hard work of earning they built a better house to live and performed their sister’s marriage 2 years back. Soon after 6-8 months, even Madhu got married.

When everything was going on smooth and Madhu started to grow better by earning handsome money for his family, this is where destiny took a backward turn when all of a sudden., Madhu met with an unfortunate....where he lost his right leg. One small wound, which the village doctors couldn't medicate/diagnose as it can produce infection, which spreads. When city doctors diagnosed, they had no option but to amputee the infected part - from half thigh of the right leg.

From when this happened: August 2012: Madhu and his family were down with depression. Though his family could back themselves a bit, but for Madhu who knows nothing other than ' to work ', is still hard to accept the fact that he has nothing to do now, but to just be at home and see everyone's hard work. There are times that he didn’t want to live any more.

Madhu's family

Father: has problem with eye sight, runs a small shop in village (gets no loss nor has profits)
Mother: daily labor (agriculture)
Aunt: Mentally immature, stays with them
Elder Brother: Ration shop dealer, earns hardly Rs. 2,000/- per month (possibility of Govt. taking out dealers concept soon)
Brother's wife: Bit of tailoring and daily labor (agriculture)
Madhu's wife: Homemaker (stays back home)

SCF Action:
After understanding Madhu’s situations, capabilities, his village conditions, discussions & analysis, felt
– A livelihood support to Madhu will not only keep the family’s struggle away but even fills “hope” in Madhu of standing & living independent.

The idea is establishing a “Flour-Mill” shop.

After market analysis, flour-mill machinery and establishment would cost us Rs. 40k
Come let’s be a part of this good cause in getting back hope to the lost.


Minutes of Meeting Jan 27, 2013:

Stream lining Madhu (Physically Challenged) livelihood support:
All the attended members opinion was ok of providing "flour mill" machinery to Madhu as livelihood support.
By keeping the following conditions, members gave their opinion:
-- Will the flour-machine provide sufficient livelihood to Madhu.
-- will Madhu be able to handle it.
-- Madhu's dependency on 3rd person in running the livelihood
As per the previous conversation with local volunteer Mallikarjun:
--Madhu was happy with the idea of flour-mill and their is only 1 flour mill machine in the entire village i.e around 500 families.
--And this already existing flour-mill store is open only in specicif timings that too with few problems.
--Now-a-days villagers are reaching nearby village for getting the flour-mill work done.
Action Plan:
-- Need to find the details of flour-mills machinery where its found
-- personally go to the store whoever interested & available and take the inputs viz what are its types, whats the cost range
-- Analyse the inputs of machines
-- finalize the suitable machinery
-- based on finalized product, the funds to be collected
-- Transportation to Chandur
-- Setting up / installation of the machinery (can we do or need someone's help)
-- Feb 3: Inputs of the machinery to be taken
*based on the above the rest will be planned in the workshop.
*rough estimation of finance involved: Rs. 40k (machinery cost / transportation / installation / establishment)


Funds Status update as on dated: March 05, 2013
Total funds received: Rs. 20,372
Support still Required: Rs. 19,628/-


Minutes of Meeting: March 10 2013
We took time to read back to Madhu's case study and the status of the support reached till date.
Then opened up discussion, on ideas to fulfill the deficit funds...
There's one idea: A CHARITY BUFFET (lunch/dinner) which took members interest and further discussion.

We will call for a Veg. BUFFET, Food prepared(hiring a cook) and the cost is what we are used to, restaurant's tariff. Rs. 300/- per person.
As we are preparing food this tariff will save atleast Rs. 100-150 per person taking the buffet. (framed it with experience in respect of Social Welfare Event we did)
Ofcourse we will have the Madhu's informative flex and few other needs(if necessary) at the venue. (in case, if we get more funds for Madhu, excess will go to other needs)
Timing: 12pm - 3pm (between these hours people can come and take the food any time and leave any time)
Venue of this buffet is still not decided, members attended shared few and said will inquire and get more details on it in a day or two.
Our target is, atleast making 80-100 members to attend.
Date: March 24, 2013


Eat 2 Support - A Veg Charity Buffet - March 24, 2013
Just 5 days of action pack for field volunteers with only positive approach, no sleep, no thoughts just actions with accurate estimations finally saw the fruits on March 24, 2013 with 106 generous hearts turning up for the event!
Yes, Eat 2 Support - An event raised to collect funds for a CAUSE is "OVER" with many things to cherish and many to learn.
Members count...
Total members attended: 106 (including 10 SCF members)
Support raised from registrations: Rs.37,100/-
Support received Offline to the cause / event from non-attendees : Rs. 10,300/-
Total Support: Rs. 47,400/-
Total: Rs. 19,777/- (which includes provisions/vegitables/tent/decor/advertising banners etc)
*** The final Support that goes to need: Rs. 27,623/ *** (from this event)***
* as already planned, if excess funds are collected, it would be diverted to the Tribal upliftment project "reaching the unreached".
SCF was overwhelhed with the response as the NEED was getting fulfilled! No more funds collection. Just in single shot, the deficit funds were getting collected. Indeed a moment to cherish as could see the well-wishers coming forward and knowing the details personally.
It was a dream come true of spreading the Goodness and awareness on Humanity.

Points to give a look:

Just a small percentage of 106 persons gifted a livelihood to our fellow Human!
Yes its just a part of our spending...

Its not Sympathy but Empathy that brings the change in the form of Development.

If all of us together join hands in giving a fraction of our - time, listening, caring and been practical in our selfless approach, we could make our dream humanity spreading taking a step forward.

Come Lets together Re-Wake Humanity!


Update as on April 13, 2013:

*** Support Delivered - Flour-Mill Machinery Delivered to Madhu ***
The most awaited step in deciding between the type of machine to buy and considering many factors came to an end.
The Flour-Mill Machine details:

  • Make: Akshar
  • Grind Unit: Blade
  • Mashes: 8 numbers
  • Motor: 3 hp
  • Capacity: Grinds 20-25 kgs per hour
  • Current: 3 units per hour.
  • * Runs on single phase current and grinds both wet and dry flour.

Machine cost: Rs. 23,100/- (Including tax)
Transporting the Machinery from Hyderabad to Chandur (~135 kms from purchase point): Rs. 800/-
Total: Rs. 23,900/-

Note: There will be other expenses still...

  • Possibly need to take a new power (electricity) line connection for flour mill
  • Any other un-expected expenses with in un-stable/early period (first 6 months)
  • In case of need of other set(if broken) of new meshes (used in grinding unit) with in un-stable/early period
  • Establishing a shop, if Madhu needs it.

For in-depth details and latest updates, please follow our facebook forum at:
Madhu - Now physically Challenged looking for hope

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