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In search to support the underprivileged students, SCF wished to pick a village from a district which is of low literacy, like Medak or Mehboobnagar. After good efforts, we got a contact from the village CHANDUR in Medak District. Soon after we fixed a campaigning drive to Chandur village and SCF is right there in wasting no time. SCF's first step at Chandur - June 12, 2011 (first campaigning drive).

Chandur is located around 105km from Hyderabad.(Hyderabad <-- 25km --> Patancheru <-- 30km --> Sangareddy <-- 40km --> Jogipet <-- 10km --> Chandur)

From campaigns SCF understood that: There are around 500 families in this village and most of them are living on Agriculture. Chandur has well settled families who even own cars and on the other hand, there are even who work hard and still not able to manage in getting their daily bread.

Concentrating on the HARD LIVING, Most of the struggle is for lives working for agriculture. Few work as tractor drivers and many work for daily wages (agriculture). They start from home in early morning by 4am carrying their lunch and return back home after work in evening at 7pm (there are few who stay at Paddy fields whole night, for security). Each worker is paid of Rs. 60-100/- per day. (depends on the nature of work) As agriculture work is seasonal, at off season getting work every day is bit unsure. Parents obviously work and as their earnings will not be touching enough, even children have to.

In peak season, most of the students leave schools/colleges and go for work, as this is the only time where they can earn some money which can cover their educational expenses. Indeed they have to earn their own expenses.There are few students who wake up in the morning at 4am go to Paddy fields, work till 8am, run back home to fresh up, go to school, get back to work in the long break time and after school hours.There are few students, who leaves college, for the time they get chance to earn(at seasons). They are forced to give "work" the most priority, as only then their situations will allow them to manage. Money is the factor which is always in scarcity and which is not allowing them to do the most required, like taking meal 3 times a day, medical care for disorders and education. Averagely students here attend only 5-7 months of college per year. (and even low in few cases)

Generally we hear that, students have to leave all other activities in giving their time for going school/colleges, but here Students have to leave college/school for some time to work, in making sure their education is not stopped completely.

Sad part is, still after such hard work there are students who are getting dropped out.. as their family and situations are not getting manageable. And SCF is here picking and supporting them. Apart from Chandur, SCF was made to see few more such struggling families and students in and around Jogipet.

Villages Campaigned:

  • 1. Chandur (10k from Jogipet)
  • 2. Chilipched (13km from Jogipet)
  • 3. Daakur (5k from Jogipet)
  • 4. Andool (3k from Jopipet)
  • 5. Masampalli (4k from Jogipet)

Campaigning conditions here made us to learn and realize how important is information and guidance at right time. Seeing and understanding the helpless situations and taking the fact that help should be reached to the most required, SCF stepped up in giving it's time to RURAL DEVELOPMENT !!

SCF's idea (majorly):

  • Students support: Supporting few students (only one from family), who are hunger for education AND equivalently his/her settlement would give huge relief and support for their family, in coming out of depression and depths.
  • Awareness camps: Look like Chandur has very limited and fixed options, shall expose them to different career plans and suggest which suits them and to their situation.
  • Empowering village youth: Turning SCF benefited students to take responsible in guiding/supporting fellow village students and stand strong when village requires them.

Every time, round the year campaigns keep scheduled and when ever we come accross drop outs or those who requires support to continue their education, SCF adds them to the Educational spread sheet of that academic year and keep supporting.

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