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1. Home / Organizations Uplift

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  • 2. Reaching the Un-Reached
    Location: Madugula Mandal, Anakapally, Vishakapatnam - around 500 Km from Hyderabad, AP
    Brief Introduction

    • In co-ordination with SPURTHI GRAMEENABHIVRUDDI SAMKSHEMA SEVA SANGHAM, SCF is running Free Evening Classes for Tribal Little Ones.
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    3. Livelihood Support

    • While at campaign drives to villages, we faced few challenges after interacting with few needy people. As SCF wants the individuals to stand independent and lead a life with dignity rather than leading a life of someone's sympathy, livelihood support is given to few...
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    4. Empowering Young INDIA (Mission Education)
    Location: Chandur and around villages of Jogipet, Medak Dist., AP - 95Km from Hyderabad.
    Brief Introduction

    • Most of the living of these villages are agriculture based. Situations here are bit hard, agriculture is a seasonal work and in off season they sturggle hard for daily wages. Conditions here are like broken walls and mirrors, torn cloths and footware.
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    5. Save a Girl Child
    Location: Tandas around Devarakonda, Nalgonda Dist - 120 Km from Hyderabad, AP
    Brief Introduction

    • Brutal Killing of just born Girl Child. The tribals around the Devarakonda town located in Nalgonda District of Andhra Pradesh., practise horrific ways in killing a just born Girl child. Why only Girl child?!! The ans is "Nobody buys a Girl Child"..! The locals whom we met, shared few stories which clearly depicts the mindset of the Tribes and makes us rethink about this generation cruelty act against Women.!
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    6. Vision: EYE

    7. RE-BUILDING The Nation

    • Like many others, SCF even wish for a better society and trying to keep efforts towards it. Strongly believed that Students / Youngsters plays a major role in getting / bring / being this change, as they are the next hope and the next generation who builds/represents our country.
      In order to give a start, we are starting this journey with the students to whom we are supporting. Each of us know that we are supporting students for their education who are at need. More than supporting financially and guiding careers, we mainly want them to stand responsible and be socially aware and hence the project - Drive Responsibility.
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    SCF's Foot Steps:

    • One year continuous Fiancial, materialstic, moral support with personal attention to PHMM Orphanage Home towards School fees, uniforms, books, a tutor at home for academic growth and home provisions. Located at Sitaphalmandi, Secundrabad.
    • Awareness campaign at Ramayanpet village, Mehboobnagar district, Andhra Pradesh. Made one student to come out of their unrelieved hierarchal profession. Given Moral support, sponsored for graduation and masters. Guided him to live a normal life.
    • Financial Support to MEPHI - Home for Differently Abled towards Civil works - main gates, improved sanitary conditions and completed the construction of boundaries for security of the inmates. Located at Khammam, Andhra Pradesh
    • Blood donation camp and regular Volunteering blood donations which comes to SCF's notice
    • Moral and Materialist support to PSS trust - a center for guiding and channelizing education for underprivileged girl students. Located at Miyapur, Hyderabad
    • Volunteer and Financial Support to SHRADDHA - a Home for Orphans and Differently Abled, in it's initial (formation) stage. Located at Srinivasa Colony, Bod uppal, Uppal, Hyderabad.
    • Moral, Volunteer and materialstic support to "Maata Pitarula Seeva Sadanam" - Oldage home. Located at Vinobha Nagar, Ibrahim Patnam, Hyderabad.
    • Fiancial support to Baalarakshak home(orphange) in their initial stage (first year) towards kids school fees and uniforms. Located at Suraram Colony, Jeedimetla, Hyderabad.
    • Financial and Moral Support to under-privilaged students and guiding them to stand responsible to their family and situations
    • Joining Hands Are Better Than Praising Lips...

    Chandur & Around Villages of Jogipet

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    Kappaladoddi, Krishna Dist

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    Devarakonda, Nalgonda Dist

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    Madugula Mandal, Anakapally, Vishakapatnam

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