Everyone believes that, nation today have many problems which needed to be looked at in terms of making them correct / solved. We feel bad in seeing the un-progressive nation, frustrated with corruption, irritated with streamless beggars road side. Shouldn’t we by ourselves start to do something on this, rather than pointing others and blaming society?

Let’s understand,
Comments, will not correct…
But, only efforts can bring the change.

But how to do and where to start with? This might leave us confused…

Project Description

Correcting the wrong is highly respected, but SAAYAM CHEDDAM FOUNDATION(SCF) here under this project want to RE-BUILD the nation with reformed replacements.
So want to trigger the fresh minds, the NEXT HOPE - the next generation i.e, YOUNGSTERS.
Strongly believe that,
Youngsters can understand and be the hope in getting / bringing / being the CHANGE.
And they are the next identity of our country.

Constructing the next generation of INDIA to the best reach of SCF in opening them to reality, understanding the basics, building morals, rising values, standing responsible and socially aware. And all this before they hit the nation open.

To start with:

SCF is building values within it’s Beneficiaries: supporting around 30 youngsters for education and livelihood.

Our intention is to make them understand, rather than making them to undergo a session. Hence this is planned as a step by step process, first by developing a good rapo which eases the intetion to drive.

  • Event 1: on August 15, 2012 - This event was targetted to become more comfortable with each other, have fun and plant few thoughts in their minds. And hence we had mutual intros, games, interactive session and a touch of below points...
    - Doing to our country is nothing but doing to our fellowmen / society / village
    - We shouldn't end up as unshaped, as we will be of no use and will be of waste.
    - We should take responsibility in helping/supporting/shaping our fellow persons too, to what we are capable of.
    - For complete event details please click here

To continue:

Plan to go to all reachable Graduation colleges and project few sensible videos, build games in helping to demonstrate/drive the intention: BE RESPONSIBLE.

Better Hands for a Better Society...