Vision: EYE


Before getting started, let's understand few:
Do we like killing something, when it has life in it ? How thrill are we burying it ?
When something can perform it's job to it's best and can be still useful, do we want to diss-use it ?
When it's precious and fortunate to have it, do we like to throw it away ?

Then why are we making these to our eyes ? Why are we making it to die with us ???

"India is home to the world's largest number of blind people. Of the 37 million people across the globe who are blind, over 15 million are from India"

Courtesy: Times of India

All of us reading this mail are fortunate to have sight, let's not make this to end unfortunate.
Getting sight by birth is not in our hands, it's a gift !!...

Giving our eyes after our death is definitely in our hands - Yeah, we can gift it !!

Right, this is all about " Pledging our EYEs"

A simple but meaningful expression of a video: Pledging EYEs

It's upto us:
either to give it* to SOMEONE who has EVERYTHING TO DO
< or >
to MUD which has NOTHING TO DO with it* !!
Don't forget there's always someone waiting for it*.
Let's not go blind in giving our sight/eyes ones we are done with it*.
it* = eyes

SCF can help you out in pledging your EYEs. For more details Contact Us

It's just not pledging our own, but even spreading this awareness....come let's do it together.

Better Hands for a Better Society...